Managing Through This Pandemic: Part 1

The impact of coronavirus continues to be felt all over the world. The disease causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as cough fever and more severe cases difficulty with breathing. It is spread primarily through true contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when one touches this office of an object with a virus on it and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth.

The coronavirus dominating the news may lead us to catastrophizing be filled with anxiety and apprehension.

In this blog, I will encourage the public to kill the ANT and embrace the PAT.

Kill the ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

You do not need to worry excessively. This is not a time to catastrophize or worry. Studies have shown that excessive worry has negative biological consequences on the immune system and overall general health. Most importantly excessive worry does not achieve any positive or lasting results. You may feel temporarily better but it is detrimental to your physical health. Kill the ANT

Avoid Shame

Do you know if we are ashamed of your previous failures? The fact that you’re still breathing and living means that you’re still healthy and you can give them back everything that has been lost. The most valuable position you have is not your 401(k) or your house with all the money in the bank. It is not those cars or boats or mansions. The most valuable thing you have is time. As long as you are still breathing you should be thankful, if you’ve lost anything you can get it back.Shame is a negative emotion that does not help in any way shape or form. Kill the ANT

Do not numb

At a time like this especially when we are quarantined at home there may be a temptation to go back to the temporary fix. This could include excessive indulges in alcohol, excessive online shopping or use of illicit drugs. Another non-vegan phenomenon is food addiction. As we have plenty of time at home this is it time not to indulge in excess sugar eating or overeating. Remember food can give you a temporary gratification but excessive weight can lead to the development of a high blood pressure diabetes mellitus I cholesterol and reduce the overall quality of life.
Kill the ANT

Avoid negative talk

I personally encourage people not to talk negatively. Words are powerful as shown by several experiments. Your thoughts and the way you think comes out in the way you speak and what you say and think it becomes who you are. You can look at the situation around you and see negativity or see opportunity to change peoples lives or to invent or create something new.Look around you what can you do to help your neighbor? What can you create to make the world better? What can you do that can last longer after you leave the world.
Kill the ANT

Where there is no doubt that the economic challenges of psycho social problems I miss are stuck at home, the pain is real. I am not minimizing that but out of the ashes calm beauty. At Upstate Psychiatry we are committed to your physical emotional or spiritual well-being. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, excessive worry phobia reach out to us via email or phone number. We currently offer telly mental health to help individuals with significant emotional problems Such as depression and anxiety.

Kill the ANT and embrace the PAT (Productive am and thoughts).

At Upstate Psychiatry, we are committed to your physical and emotional well being using Medication Management, psychotherapy and Transcrania l Magnetic stimulation as needed.

Please e-mail us or at or call 315-638-0979. For TMS, please call Chelsea at 313-202-4157,

Appreciations for Pastor John Carter’ teachings at Abundant Life Christian Center, Syracuse NY

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